The Christian wife

the Christian wife

The Christian wife in view of God’s word. Let’s first establish this article is addressing believing women, sisters in the Lord. This is not aimed towards women who are unbelievers, this is specifically for women who love the LORD, married or wants to be married. By no means does this exclude women who aren’t believers from what we have here, God wishes that all men and women would come into the fullness of His promises. My hope is that you’ll read this and walk away with a clear understanding of what a Christian wife is.

Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price [is] far above rubies.”

A wife is precious, of beauty and value, she is a treasure and of great price! The Christian man or husband is the head (1 Corinthians 11:3), but the wife is the crown (Proverbs 12:4). The book of Proverbs has a lot of spiritual teachings about the dignity of a wife. In the front of our bibles, we read that God made woman [Eve] in the beginning of creation to be a help meet (suitable) for the man [Adam]. God knew that woman would be very helpful for man, someone who can share the load and have conversations with, someone whom you can share your feelings or emotions with, a companion for life.

Women today “yell equality”, we see many feminist movements and hear statements like “we cannot get ahead in the workplace” or “we’re being looked down upon” some would even go as far to say “we don’t need men”. Child of God you know better, you know that you aren’t inferior to your husband, in fact, equality started in the garden. Adam looked among the animals for a suitable helper but couldn’t find any, therefore, Eve was created. When Adam was placed into deep sleep and God formed Eve from Adam’s rib if we think carefully the rib is located on the side of the body, next to the heart and under the arm.

the christian wife 4

She was not made from Adam’s head to rule over him or from his foot to be trampled on by him. She was made by his side to stand by him, under his arm to be protected by him and next to his heart to be loved by him. This speaks to the equality of the woman [wife]. Husband and wife are one flesh, the idea is Adam was incomplete without Eve, she [woman] complements him.

Therefore, wives are to stand by the side of their husband, and husbands we’re to keep our wives close to our heart and under our protection. As the wife is meet for him (her husband) she will answer to him and be suitable for him as a companion. The word “help” occurs 126 times in our bible many times it applies to God Himself. Sister’s there’s absolutely nothing wrong in being a help meet it is an honourable role in the eyes of God.

Christian Wives Virtues [Proverbs]

Men let’s be honest we aren’t perfect only the Lord Jesus is perfect. God has given woman as a helper in matters such as encouragement, spiritual, guidance, comfort, cares. She’s also marked by meekness, chaste conversation (wholesome conversation), doing her husband good, working willingly with her hands, provides meat to her household, compassionate, strength and honour, wisdom, kindness, not idle (lazy), fears the LORD (reverence God).

the Christian wife 2

The Wives Duty [Ephesians]

Christian wives are to be submissive unto their husbands just as they have submitted themselves unto the Lord. Recognizing their husbands to be their head in headship [men occupy the leadership role] (Ephesians 5:22–5:33). Part of the Christian wife’s duty is submission unto her husband as unto the Lord, this is not a commandment but the wife is to voluntarily do this. She makes the choice to submit herself unto her husband according to God’s word.

We can see something similar with the Lord Jesus. The submission of wives includes obedience as well, the Lord Jesus was obedient to the Father this is well recorded throughout the scriptures (John 6:38). He was also subject to His parents Joseph and Mary, in the Old Testament we read “Honour thy father and thy mother:” (Exodus 20:12) this by no means is inequality or inferiority.

When she submits herself unto her husband as unto the Lord she’s fulfilling her obedience to the Lord Himself. A wife submits to her husband because of divine creatorial order. Man was created first then woman that’s how God instituted it, man was placed in the leadership role and afterwards woman as a helper. The Christian woman understands her role as such.

A wife willingly and happily submits to her husband because he shows her love and compassion and grace just as Christ shows this to us as believers. We obey and love Christ because he first loved us (1 John 4:19) when we receive a love which knows no boundaries and is unconditional our response is we willingly love back.

the christian wife 3

“The giving of Himself (the Lord Jesus) at Calvary shows the full commitment required for spouses. His is a love that gives. Ephesians 5:26–30 lays out before us the desires the Lord has for the Church and the care He is willing to give for her. What we often are quick to do for our own bodies, especially in seeking nourishment, the Lord does for His Church.” — Barnhardt, Paul T&T

Wive’s Submission to Husband [Colossians]

Wives are never looked upon as being inferior to their husbands, a quick look into any Christian home soon reveals that a wife is extremely vital to the family. She’s the glue of the family, she guides the home and manages all the affairs of the home, the work of a wife is never ending and demanding (cleaning, laundry, cooking, children, hosting, assembly life etc.)

“In the Colossian epistle we learn that this relationship is “fit in the Lord” (3:18); that it is fitting, proper, and suitable. It is sad to see a wife who demands that her wishes take precedence over those of her husband. A spiritual wife may not agree with every decision made by her husband. She will express her view, and perhaps never change it, but she will acknowledge that he has the right to make the final decision, and must bear the responsibility for the consequences. The husband, as head, will take into account the views of his wife, because he loves her and will respect her as a spiritual woman. Having considered an issue, he may decide that her views would be the better to follow”. — Grant, John T&T

Wive’s Learn from their Husband [1 Timothy]

Husbands are to be spiritual leaders of the household guiding the home in the ways of the Lord, responsible to God for opening and reading the bible to the family. Raising up children in the ways of God. Wives are to come to their husbands when learning exposition of the scriptures, learning in silence and not wanting to usurp authority over her spouse (1 Timothy 2:11–2:15).

Wives will be saved through childbearing as they continue in faith, charity, holiness and sobriety. A stark contrast to today’s “modern woman” as some are unfaithful, love only themselves, not others, flaunt their bodies (unholy) and enjoy partying and drinking (drunkenness). Our Christian wives never should be marked by rebellion as this communicated by worldly women.

Sara obeyed Abraham [1 Peter]

A godly woman’s life is marked with obedience. Only men of God can truly love and appreciate a godly woman, I’m confident in saying every brother in the Lord wouldn’t hesitate to say his wife, fiancée or girlfriend is a huge blessing. As those who’ve been joined in marriage, many years have already understood this and as newlyweds are currently learning this and last but not least as those in courtship starting the journey a fresh, understand the importance of a woman’s role in God’s plan.

1 Peter 3:1–3:6 “Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.”

I myself am hugely blessed with a godly woman I can trust with my life, she’s my best friend and stands by me weathering this dark world together in all things. When I’m down she lifts me up, when I seek shelter she embraces me with love. When I’m tired she relaxes me ensuring I’m comfortable. When the world rises against me in life and preaching of the gospel she encourages, motivates and drives me to keep pushing forward.

My hope is that all men will come to have a woman such as mine, whom they will love as Christ loves unconditionally. In addition to that, I trust that all sisters in the Lord will be blessed and encouraged to display all of these wonderful truths from God’s word. It’s a tall order to fulfil but we know that God’s ways are always best and for our best interest. I also hope that if any unsaved woman read this they also would be encouraged to follow the ways of God, just open a bible and read all of these wonderful truths for yourselves.

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