Muhammad’s Flirts with his Daughter In Law Zaynab Bint Jahsh

One of the most ungodly events in the prophet of Islam’s life was his affair with his adopted son’s wife, Zaynab bint Jash. Zaynab was married to Zayd, whom Muhammad adopted as his own son. Why is this sickening? Well, it’s because Muhammad destroyed his son’s relationship causing them to divorce so that Muhammad could have Zaynab for himself.

The Qur’ān says this marriage in Surah 33:36 was arranged by Muhammad and “Allah” (truth is Allah doesn’t exist it’s Muhammad making this up as he goes) making the decision to “marry” Zayd and Zaynab.

This is an extremely important point notice how the god of Islam didn’t make the decision alone it was Allah and his messenger (Muhammad). This further indicates that Muhammad made himself Allah in Islam in order to get whatever he wanted. It’s reminiscent of other verses in the Qur’ān where Muhammad is on the same level as Allah, for instance in order for a Muslim to obey Allah they must first obey Muhammad (Surah 4:80).

To substantiate our claim further we’ll quote Islam’s own sources, the following is from the official government website of Jordan (Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, Amman, Jordan). The cousin of Muhammad Ibn-Abbas says in the Tafsir this was a decision between Allah and Muhammad for Zayd and Zaynab to marry.

Ibn-Abbas confirms Muhammad’s wish was to bring Zayd and Zaynab together, and he also elaborates on how Muhammad caused Zayd to divorce Zaynab in order for Muhammad to take her. Whatever Muhammad chose for them (Zayd and Zaynab) had no choice in the matter. What kind of messenger of god causes divorce and then takes another man’s wife to have sex with her? Only a satanic prophet.

The following is from The History of al-Tabari Vol VIII The Victory of Islam pages 2-3, Al-Tabari describes how one day Mohammed realised how beautiful Zaynab was and fell in love with her.

The story of how Muhammad flirted with his adopted son’s wife is laid out here. Muhammad adopted Zayd as his own son, and he went to visit Zayd at his home but he was not there, Zaynab answers informing Muhammad Zayd is not home. Zaynab tells Muhammad to enter as she saw him as dear to her as a father.

Muhammad refused to enter, Zaynab then rushes to get dressed as she was not appropriately dressed and Muhammad was standing in the doorway. The prophet sneaks a peek at Zaynab and falls head over heels with her and says in a low voice “Glory be to god the Almighty! Glory be to god who causes hearts to turn!”, Muhammad leaves and when Zayd returns she tells him the Messenger was here. Zayd asked her if he said anything and she repeats that Muhammad said “Glory be to god the Almighty! Glory be to god who causes hearts to turn!

Zayd realises Muhammad is in love with his wife and decides to divorce her telling Muhammad “I will separate myself from her”, then the hypocrite prophet said “keep your wife for yourself”. al-Tabari goes on to tell us that “Zayd could find no possible way to approach her after that day”. Muhammad causes them to divorce. Then the deranged prophet of Islam is one day talking to his child-wife A’ishah and faints once he’s fine he then smiles and says that Allah has married him to Zaynab.

A’ishah also says that she became uneasy because of Zaynab’s beauty she must have known that this was only going to cause a problem among the many wives of Muhammad. After the fainting spell Muhammad gave Qur’ān saying Allah told him to take Zaynab for himself.

How convenient that this ayat would come at this time for Muhammad to take Zaynab for himself, it’s obvious that Muhammad pretended to receive revelations from Allah. Aisha his child bride busted Muhammad saying she realises that “Allah” rushes to Muhammad’s desires.

Of course, we don’t say anything here without proof, we prove all things. Below is the Hadith in which Aisha busted Muhammad for having Allah catering to Muhammad’s lustful desires.

The prophet of Islam was just making up things as he went along, if he desired a woman of another man he conveniently “receives a revelation from Allah” stating it was ok for the prophet of Islam to do. All cults have this in common, the cult leader will have special privileges others do not have. This is why Muslim men can only marry up to 4 wives in Islam (An-Nisa 4:3), yet Muhammad can have as many women as he wanted. The following tafsir is from al-Jalalayn.

The ungodly actions of Muhammad are far from what a prophet of God should exude, al-Jalalayn in the tafsir tells us Zayd was a prisoner of war and Muhammad bought him and adopted him as his son. After Muhammad flirts with his wife Zaynab, Muhammad tells Zayd to keep Zaynab but Muhammad hid what was in his heart, that he had lusted after another man’s wife; in this case his own adopted son’s. Allah then says not to worry about the people saying “he has married his son’s wife“ because Allah is worthier and you should fear him.

Allah continues to say do not be concerned with what the people are saying, Zayd divorces her and Allah (really Muhammad) is now joined to Zaynab and had sex with her. If Muhammad is the best example to humanity as Muslims claim then a Muslim men shouldn’t get upset if another man takes his wife away because he’s only following the prophet of Islam.

The last tafsir is from Ibn-Abbas Muhammad’s cousin surely he would be able to explain Qur’ān being he was the nearest to the prophet.

It’s so easy to get these abdools busted just by reading their own sources. Abbas tells us that Zayd was no longer with Zaynab because of what Muhammad caused by lusting after his own son’s wife. Zayd left Zaynab and she had to wait a certain period. This means when Zayd left her she needed to wait 3 months to see if she was pregnant, we find this in the at-Talaq 65:4 (the divorce) also known as the child molestation verse because it says a man can marry girls who didn’t have their period yet (we’ll discuss this in a coming article).

According to the Qur’ān when a man divorces his wife she must wait 3 months to see if she’s pregnant before leaving. After the waiting period was over Muhammad then took her for himself. I have a question for Muslim men, if you found out your father came to your house and flirted with your wife would you be fine with that? This is what your prophet did to Zayd, make no mistake Muhammad was not a prophet of God, he was a false prophet from Iblis (satan).

2 thoughts on “Muhammad’s Flirts with his Daughter In Law Zaynab Bint Jahsh

  1. I think u are highly confused about the matter. you have made up your own story regarding the whole episode. I urge you to read the quran and understand the whole situation contributing to the event and don’t just degrade and defame the noble and pious messenger.


    1. Thank you for the comment. My friend, are you saying ayat Q33:37 is a lie? Are you also saying Ibn Abbas, al-Jalalayn and al-Tabari are donkeys? Why do Muslims tell us these things and now you’re saying why are you believing what we told you? These are your books are they not?


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